🌼Animal Communicator🌸

Hi, I’m Rhian, I'm a practicing animal communicator and spiritual healer I have 2 dogs Poppie and Daisey and 1 guinea pig Fred. I absolutely adore animals and the fantastic characters they are with such amazing personalities, so being able to connect with them in this way is a dream come true.

Services on offer are animal communication 30 minutes, 15 minutes and I now offer 45 minute sessions too. I also do spiritual guidance card readings.
Please read how animals work with me before you decide if I'm the right person for you,

🌺About me🌺

I live in the U.K with my husband and 3 daughters and i’m also one of Karen’s admins on the phenomenal group ANIMAL COMMUNICATION PRACTICE PLANET, and a graduate from Karen Anderson’s ANIMAL COMMUNICATION ONLINE COURSE. I’m also a qualified Reiki and angel Reiki healer and a meditation leader. I’ve sat spiritual circles and attended workshops and courses on spiritual teachings. My spiritual journey started in 2016 after my Gran passed away and then the animal communication opened up in 2019 when my beautiful Paddie passed away, that is when I found Karen Anderson’s book “THE AMAZING AFTERLIFE OF ANIMALS “ and then after hearing my dog speak to me and give me visions of my beautiful now dogs and pretty much letting me know that he was still around this led me then to try reading animals which I did successfully and then I became an admin on Karens group, being able to give messages from your pets to you is an absolute privilege.
How I work: your pets will join with me and channel visions, videos images and words or phrases I then pass this on to you and as I do, they give me more information I do sessions for 15 minutes and 30 minutes. I work via email or messenger at the moment as concentration and focus is key to deliver the highest quality messages from your pet.

How to get in touch 🕊

Price list
30 minute session £40
15 minute session £25
😇New 45 minute session £60 😇
Spiritual guidance £30

🌻To take advantage of the introductory prices book in through the link🌻
😇Like all spiritual readings we can never expect or guarantee a great connection, what I promise is to do my best for you with the abilities that I have, I am knew to the animal communication and my prices are low because if this, please keep this in mind,😇 Thank you for visiting this webpage if you have any questions please get in touch I look forward to working with you and your pet.

I’ve connected with over 120 animals now, my strengths are with departed cats and dogs I feel my purpose is to bring messages to you to help your heart heal, although sometimes your pet may have other ideas they lead I just relay the messages to you. 💐
You may have seen a few reviews on here off the beautiful Hastings, Himmie and Frankie! These guys were a pleasure to read and now their pet mums are also reader’s which is another blessing to the animal kingdom, I will never be able to repay Paddie for leading me down this path of pure love and devotion, he really is my best boy, 💙

Thank you for visiting if you feel I’m the reader for your pet please get in touch. Via the links on book now.

🦋Please note: all sessions are led by the pet, I will give 100% what comes through to me in honesty and to the best of my understanding and spiritual knowledge. The session may not give you what you want to know but will give you what you need to know, this is how spirit work through me, if something doesn't resonate please hold on to it for future reference as animals give information for past present and future, when you read something the first thing or person that comes to mind is usually the
correct reference🦋